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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer raw footage?
    We don't offer raw footage for several reasons. The file sizes are very large and most computers have a hard time playing them without special software. We also film with the edit in mind and don't film in a documentary style. If you have fear of missing out on footage we do offer a "FOMO" edit option. We process all of the day's footage for you and put it on our timeline. We cut out duplicated or overly shaky footage and deliver it as one download file. You can find out more info on this package in our pricing brochure.
  • Do you record the vows?
    Yes. By default, we always record the audio from the DJ's sound system. This means what is captured by the DJ's microphones gets recorded. We like multiple sources of audio so we also like to put our own mic on the groom as a backup. This allows a recording source a little closer to the bride. If vows are really important to you, we even have a small white mic that can be hidden in a wedding dress.
  • Can I choose the music?
    Song selecting is one of the hardest but most enjoyable parts of the edit. We spend hours, sometimes days searching for that perfect track that fits the vibe of the footage and gives the emotion we want to be portrayed in your film. We have a strict policy to only use licensed music which means most mainstream songs can not be used in your wedding film. We have subscriptions to several of the top music licensing sites that gives us a vast variety of amazing music choices. While we don't allow clients to specifically chose their music we are open to suggestions on style and tempo. If a mainstream song is a must for you we are happy to get a quote on a license. We have received back quotes in the past anywhere from $150 to over $20,000 to license a song.
  • Why Wedding Videography?
    Videography lets you relive your wedding day over and over again! Your wedding video can be watched years later and trigger your memories and emotions as if you were back on your wedding day, reliving those special vows. While pictures give you a beautiful still image to hang on your wall, video gives you the sounds, the voices, the movements and the feelings of your special day. We capture your personal vows, meaningful speeches, deep belly laughs, mothers kisses, best friend hugs, first dances with dad, memories with grandma, toasts with old friends... the list goes on.
  • How do you protect my footage?
    Let's face it, technology can fail and it's our worst nightmare. We do many things to ensure we don't lose any of the precious footage from your wedding day. 1. We only use the best memory cards with the best reputation. 2. All of our cameras dual record. This means we are recording your footage to two memory cards at the same time. If one card fails we have the footage on the other. 3. As tired as we might be after a day of filming, we always offload the footage from the memory cards to a secure hard drive as soon as we get home. 4. We make 2 additional backup copies on a separate hard drives and store them in a safe.
  • How long is the turn around time for our wedding film?
    Our goal is to get all highlight films out within 10-14 weeks time after your wedding date. Our turn around time can be longer during the peak wedding months. Trailers we try to complete within 4 weeks.
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